Warrior King’s “Nuh Fraid” delivers message to JA’s criminals

Kingston, Jamaica; Veteran reggae singer Mark “Warrior King” Dyer is making a major reconnect with his Jamaican audience with his most recent single “Nuh Fraid”. Released in January 2018, the reggae melody delivers a playful blow on the gangster culture in Jamaica. 

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Explaining the concept behind the single “Nuh Fraid” and how it relates to Jamaica’s crime problem, Warrior King says “We ah try tell the people fi overcome fear because we are children of the most high, so no weapon that is cast against us shall ever prosper.”

“Everybody knows that the work takes me all over the world more time but it is always a pleasure to be home in Jamaica. But since I have been back this time around, I really realise how bad the crime is. The situation in Montego Bay is very sad and people are living in fear; and It is not just Montego Bay, it is affecting the whole of Jamaica. The problem is hardening our young and I want to do what I can to inspire people through music,” shares the artiste often times referred to as a humble lion by his fans.

Acknowledging “Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day” (June 11) as one of his greatest achievements throughout his 17 year musical career, the“Virtuous Woman” singer plans to use the gesture declared by the first African-American Mayor of Buffalo, New York, Byron W. Brown in 2017 as a platform to carry out charitable work.

“I plan to use Warrior King Day as a vehicle to help the youths. It takes a village to raise a child and we as Jamaicans need to stop turning a blind eye and help these young people because they have whole heap more influences and distractions than we had as kids growing up. I pledge to play my part,” divulges the candid singer.

Warrior King’s passion for the empowerment of black people is evident in his lyrics. The singer appears unapologetic on “Nuh Fraid” with staunchly lyrics that reference black historical triumphs and an underlying message of unity.

“Nuh Fraid” is produced by Dameon Gayle of Warriors Musick on the Straight Step Rhythm. Other acts featured on the beat are Turbulence,Busy SignalFantan MojahChuck FenderLutan Fyah, among many others.

Warrior King departs for a tour of the United States mid February through to late March.


Warrior King added to the line up of One Love One Heart Reggae Festival

Popular reggae act Warrior King joins Steel Pulse, Anthony B and Sizzla, and others, for the eighth annual One Love One Heart Reggae Festival on Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3 at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodlands, California, United States.

Warrior King, confirmed for the Saturday edition of the One Love One Heart Reggae Festival, has been making a slew of appearances across the US and Europe in recent months.

“2017 has been a great year so far. I give thanks for the recognition and the love from fans all across the world. The catalogue is big and it is a really good feeling to perform in places so far away from Jamaica and feel so at home because of the love from my audience,” shares the singer born Mark Dyer.

Warrior King performs his 75 minute set at Reggae Jam on Saturday, July 29 in Bersenbrück, Germany with his Rootz Warrior Band. Reggae Jam is a major European reggae festival which attracts music lovers and musicians from all across the world. This year, the festival ran from July 28 through 30.

Coming off of a successful European festival tour, in July, with his Rootz Warrior Band, the “Virtuous Woman” singer engaged thousands of fans at Texel Island Vibes, the LB27 Reggae Camp, Reggae Jam and Reggae in Wulf before heading to California for club and concert performances in August.


The highlight of Warrior King’s trip to the US this time around was his return to the 33rd annual Reggae on the River Festival in August after 13 years.

According to Dyer “It was like me return home. The vibes was right. Reggae on the River is always a nice mystical kind of vibe out in the country where you have a lot of farmers. It is a big show that really supports true reggae acts from Jamaica and across the world.”

Warrior King’s next appearance with his Rootz Warrior Band in California will be at the Anderson Valley Grange on Friday, August 18 – in celebration of Marcus Garvey’s 130th birthday. The “Never Go Where Pagans Go” singer has long been a supporter of Garvey’s teachings. In 2010, he received The Marcus Garvey Music Award, along with Jimmy Tucker, for their musical work; and this year, June 11 was proclaimed annual ‘Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day’ by Buffalo, New York’s Mayor Byron W Brown, ahead of the annual Junteenth Festival initiatives which promotes Garvey’s teachings among young people.

2017 will also see the “Rootz Warrior” embarking on first-time performances in China – a territory where reggae music has only just started to break ground.

Warrior King will kick start his 2017 Caribbean tour with a headline performance at Country Fest slated for Saturday, September 30 at Tabaquite Recreation Grounds in Trinidad.

His latest studio album, The Rootz Warrior, is available on all major digital music distribution sites.

‘I Know’ Hip-Hop Collab Borne out of Bad Situation

“I had issues with my visa when I tried to leave Bermuda after myself and Aaron Silk performed at a Bob Marley Tribute Concert in Bermuda last year February. I was forced to stay there for an additional week until my travel documents were sorted out,” says the ‘Virtuous Woman’ singer.

-says international recording artiste Warrior King

Since the May 31, 2017 release of the hip-hop/reggae collaboration ‘I Know’ by Bermuda’s Ill-Logical Linguistics featuring acclaimed reggae sensation Warrior King from Jamaica, the latter explains it was a bad situation which forged the  beautiful partnership.

Warrior King 2
Warrior King

“I had issues with my visa when I tried to leave Bermuda after myself and Aaron Silk performed at a Bob Marley Tribute Concert in Bermuda last year February. I was forced to stay there for an additional week until my travel documents were sorted out,” says the ‘Virtuous Woman’ singer.

Explaining the birth of the collaboration ‘I Know’, Warrior King goes on to share “If it wasn’t for Aaron “Shortman” Carveezy, who took real good care of me while I was there, I don’t think I would have met Fatz and Craig [Ill-Logical Linguistics]. It created the start of a priceless friendship. Craig shared the beat for the song with me and it inspired me.”

So inspired was the singer, born Mark Dyer, that he penned the humble lyrics, used on the hook, while in Bermuda. Dyer’s melodious sound chants positive life lessons about the value of friendship, patience, making the best of bad situations and other relatable philosophical messages.

Complimented by Joshua “Fatz” Simons’ hard hitting rap technique on the verse, I Know is a fusion of talent, genres and cultures showcasing the power of positivity.

Click here to view the ‘I Know’ lyric video

The single ‘I Know’ was produced and mixed by Fatz’ cousin Craig SimonsI Vibes Productions, while Brian Lucy mastered the song for Magic Garden Mastering. The lyric video, released on Youtube, was produced by Black Sheep Media.

Fatz, known to write his own music, is pleased with the partnership. “He [Warrior King] is so inspiring. I have been listening to him since he first came out… We have plans to perform the song together on upcoming shows,” shares Fatz.

Popularly known for winning the Best Rap/Hip Hop category at the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Award, for their song ‘Go Slow’, Ill-Logical Linguistics will release a mixtape entitled Hung and Drunk Over, including more than 50 free songs, this summer.

Ill-Logical Linguistics
ILL LOGICAL LINGUISTICS (Joshua “Fatz” Simons (left) and Craig Simons.)

Craig Simons, the exclusive producer of the hip-hop, rapping duo, shares that Ill-Logical Linguistics will continue to put out tracks that are not typical sounds for music lovers.

“I love reggae for the bass line but I always gravitate to hip-hop music because of the drums. Reggae and hip-hop are similar but different. My goal is to create a sound that’s unique and not out there. We have a lot more in the making,” says Simons.

Meanwhile, on the heels of a sold out performance at the Afro-Phingstein Festival in Winterthur, Switzerland on June 2, Warrior King became the first Jamaican singer to perform at the Sankofa Days Block Party in Buffalo, New York on June 11, part of the upcoming 42nd annual Juneteenth Festival. At the event, Mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown, proclaimed June 11 as Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day.

With five studio albums: Virtuous Woman (2002)Hold the Faith (2005)Love is in the Air (2009); Tell Me How Me Sound (2011) and The Rootz Warrior (2016), among numerous singles; Warrior King will commence his European Festival Tour in July, followed by performances on the United States’ west coast which includes a performance at Reggae on the River on August 5.

Mayor of Buffalo declares June 11 annual Warrior King Day

“I never expected it. This is definitely a huge milestone in my musical career. I thank Mayor Brown, my fans in New York and supporters all across the world for taking in the messages of purity, truth, strength and love which I try to deliver through my songs. Jah know, I feel so blessed,” says internationally acclaimed reggae singer.

Byron W Brown, Mayor of the City of Buffalo, on Sunday, June 11, declared the day as Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day during the Sankofa Days Block Party, part of the42nd Juneteeth Festival in Buffalo, New York.

An obviously shocked Warrior King, born Mark Dyer jumped with joy.

 CLICK HERE to view a short video of Mayor Brown’s presentation to WARRIOR KING

Warrior King
Warrior King

“I never expected it. This is definitely a huge milestone in my musical career. I thank Mayor Brown, my fans in New York and supporters all across the world for taking in the messages of purity, truth, strength and love which I try to deliver through my songs. Jah know, I feel so blessed,” says internationally acclaimed reggae singer.

 The Juneteenth Festival was the perfect backdrop, being the third largest in the country; with a mission to actively preserve and promote the broad spectrum of African-American heritage through educational and cultural activities. Warrior King is the first Jamaican singer to ever grace the stage at any of the celebrations of the Juneteenth Festival. The ‘Virtuous Woman’ singer feels honoured to have performed – especially since much of his inspiration stems from the teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey; the same wisdom which is imparted by the annual Festival.

Mayor Brown made the presentation to the singer following Dyer’s performance at the event hosted at 143 Broadway Avenue. Part of the proclamationto the reggae singer, narrated by the Mayor read:

“Among his many recognitions and awards.. Warrior King’s recent album The Rootz Warrioralready has a global buzz around ‘Ain’t Giving Up’… with each song on the album bearing a different style and feel… Now, therefore, be it resolved that I Byron W Brown, Mayor of the City of Buffalo, do hereby proclaim, June 11, 2017 as: Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day.”

Commenting on the recognition of his music, Warrior King shares that his music is more popular around the world than in his home country, Jamaica.

“I would say that 95 percent of my music is not known by Jamaicans… that is why I am always on the road…,” shares the ‘Never Go Where Pagans Go’ singer.

Since his 2002 rise to fame with the debut album Virtuous Woman, Dyer’s compositions have consistently charted in the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. The singles‘Virtuous Woman’, ‘Never Go Where Pagans Go’, ‘A Friend Indeed’, ‘Can’t Get Me Down’and other compositions such as ‘Empress So Divine’ and ‘Jah Is Always There’ have broughtWarrior King much favour. In fact, in 2008, Barrack Obama, former US President, revealed‘Virtuous Woman’ as one of his favourite songs; and Warrior King as one of his favourite reggae artistes on CNN Live and NBC. Among his many recognitions and awards, Warrior King received The Marcus Garvey Music Award in 2010 along with Jimmy Tucker for their musical work.

The news of Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day comes on the heels of Warrior King’s sold out performance at the Afro-Phingstein Festival in Winterthur, Switzerland on June 2.